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Ender 6 SD Card Reader Mount

Reader Mount

Card Reader Reader Mount

I recently changed out the main board on my Ender 6 for a BigTreeTech SKR 2 in order to replace the noisy drivers on the stock board with some silent TMC2209s. The process had it's tribulations, but one major change was that there was nowhere to plug in the stock SD card reader any more. The SKR 2 has a Micro SD reader on the board, so I bought an SD card extender and designed a mount that enabled me to replace the stock reader with the new one.

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Print the base mount attached here then follow these steps:

  1. Remove the front face plate covering the screen (two screws on back and two screws underneath)
  2. Remove the existing SD card reader and save the 4 screws that were holding it on
  3. On the new SD card extender prise open the black plastic housing and remove the reader itself.
  4. Pass the plug end of the extender through the gap where cables run through from the screen to the board
  5. Plug the extender plug into the onboard micro SD reader slot
  6. Slide the new SD reader into the newly printed base mount
  7. Using the screws you saved from step #2 attach the new mount
  8. Replace the cover and test for fit. You may need to adjust the screws a little to get it lined up with the slot.

Reader Mount Reader Mount

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August 29, 2021 (3y ago)


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