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Milwaukee PACKOUT Labels

Milwaukee PACKOUT Labels


5-Compartments Small Parts Organizer

These are labels for the Milwaukee PACKOUT 5-Compartments Small Parts Organizer (48-22-8435)

I got this model from Printables by @maxelman. You can find the model here.

  1. Download the blank model from the link above and open in Bambu Studio/OrcaSlicer
  2. Add text to the model by right clicking on the model and selecting "Add Primitive -> Text"
  3. Make sure you flip the text so that it is facing the correct direction when printed
  4. Print the model

I printed the label in Overture PLA+ Red with the text in Overture PLA+ White on my Bambu Labs X1 Carbon.

In theory PLA is not all that resilient, but I have found the PLA+ to be pretty good so far. I may reprint it in PETG if it does not hold up well, but so far so good with the PLA+.

March 20, 2024 (3mo ago)