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Voron 2.4 Build, Mods and Tweaks

Voron 2.4



This was my build list for the 300mm Voron 2.4 I built. I am planning on updating it to 2.4R2 and will list those components as I find them.

I ordered parts from Amazon, West3D, DigMach, KB-3D, Fabreeko, Printed Solid and Mandala Rose Works.

More recently I have seen parts and even kits appearing on Amazon. A lot of the parts are the same manufacturers as those from other suppliers, but with Amazon Prime shipping and potentially cheaper prices. I had a lot of issues with components I originally sourced from West3D and DigiMach. They were both good at helping me fix the issues, but it took a long time to sort out which was not ideal. I also hit shipping issues with other suppliers that has pushed me to looking more at Amazon now than I did previously.


Stainless Steel Fastener Kit for Voron 2.4Amazon or Amazon
Voron 2.4 Motor Kit by OMC / StepperonlineAmazon
POWGE & GATES VORON 2.4 Motion Set - Black or SilverAmazon
MGN9H linear rail × 8 350mmAmazon
Wiring Harness for Voron 2.4 / TridentWest3D
6ft 18 AWG Power Cord (C13) UL-Listed CableWest3D
Fuse 8A 250V Holder Cartridge 5 X 20mm Glass × 2West3D
TycoElectronics - 10EHG1-2 Filtered Power InletWest3D
Omron G3NA-210B 24V Solid State Relay (SSR)West3D
Mean Well RS-25-5 25W Power Supply (PSU)West3D
Mean Well LRS-200-24 200W 24V 8.8A Power Supply (PSU)West3D
Rocker Switch DPST 16A On-OffWest3D
PL-08N2 Inductive ProbeAmazon
GDSTIME DC 24V 60x60x20 Axial Fan GDA6020 × 3West3D
Din RailsAmazon
Din Rail Bracket Solid State Relay (SSR)Amazon
Omron Micro Switch (D2F-01L) × 3West3D
125C Cutoff 15A Thermal FuseWest3D
24V Heater TubeAmazon
BAT85 Diode (*Not needed with Octopus Pro)West3D
Molex Microfit 3.0 Connectors - variousKB-3D
*Voron Afterburner Toolhead PCB - V3.rabbitKB-3D
*Voron Hall Effect X/Y Endstop PCB AssembledWest3D / Amazon
*Sexbolt Z-Endstop Fully Assembled - HartkWest3D
Wago 221 wire connector kitAmazon
BigTreeTech Octopus Pro v1.0Amazon
BigTreeTech TMC2209 Stepper Drivers x 8Amazon
BigTreeTech Mini12864 LCD Graphic Smart DisplayAmazon
Angle Corner Connector 90 degree × 4West3D
Rubber Compressor Feet 48x18mmAmazon
Bowden Coupler for 4mm OD PTFE TubeWest3D
Bowden / PTFE Tube 4mm OD 3mm IDWest3D
*Voron Logo Sticker DecalWest3D
*Nevermore Carbon filtration media bagsFabreeko
VORON 2.4 Cable Chains Set 300mmAmazon
Voron 2.4 Panel Kit 300mm Side, Front & Top OnlyDigMach or Amazon
Voron V2 Panel Set Made From Aluminum Composite MaterialPrinted Solid
Build Plate
Voron 300 Ultraflat BedMandala Rose Works
Keenovo Silicone Heater 240x240 600W 120VAmazon
Magnetic Flex Plate Double-Sided (Texture/Smooth)Amazon or Amazon

* Mod only


Keenovo Bed Heater

Should be configured as Generic 3950 in Klipper


Afterburner PCB

I decided on Hartk1213's "Voron Afterburner Toolhead Board v3.rabbit (also known as ERCF PCB board)" since one day I may add a ERCF Filament changer.

You will also need a new PCB cover from here

Since the PCB has a temperature sensor built in, I ended up using this cover with air vents

Wiring Diagram here

24V  - HE0 +V
PROBE/ABL  - Probe Signal Pin
HE0  - Hotend Heater -V
CT   - Chamber Thermistor Signal Pin (TH1)
PCF  - Part Cooling Fan -V
HEF  - Hotend Cooling Fan -V
AGND - Hotend Thermistor -V
TH0  - Hotend Thermistor Signal Pin (TH0)
XES  - X Endstop Signal Pin
S1A  - Red Stepper Wire
S2A  - Green Stepper Wire
S1B  - Blue Stepper Wire
S2B  - Black Stepper Wire

1. Display Mount for 5" LCD



2. Bed Wagos

I strongly recommend using Wago 221 wire connectors between the bed wires and the board underneath. This makes it a lot easier to remove the bed whenever necessary.

I bought this Wago kit so that I would have plenty on hand, I now use them all over the place.


Bed Wagos

Use the bed Wago mount to make the bed wiring pluggable:
Bed wiring

3. Nevermore Micro

Instead of the extractor filter and fan I am installing the Nevermore Micro V5 Duo mod.

4. Filament Latches for panels


5. StealthBurner upgrade

Updated the tool head to the Voron StealthBurner.

Parts kit: Amazon

I pulled the trigger a little early though so I have a pre-release build that I will need to reprint now that the final release is done.

6. Klicky Probe

This has been the best mod so far. This mod replaces the original inductive probe with a contact switch. The best part is that, combined with some klipper macros, we can use this mod to do auto z-offset calibration, no matter which build plate you use.

More info here

7. Decontaminator Nozzle Brush

This is a great mod that gives you a nozzle scrubber and purge bucket for cleaning your nozzle before each print. Couple this with the purge and clean macros in my config to ensure a clean nozzle every print.


Upcoming Mods

Here is the list of mods I plan to assess and probably implement:

  1. https://github.com/VoronDesign/VoronUsers/tree/master/printer_mods/AlexanderT-Moss/270-Clamping-Hinges
  2. https://github.com/VoronDesign/VoronUsers/tree/master/printer_mods/scanlory/clip_on_door_frame
  3. Voron TAP
  4. https://github.com/v6cl/My-Voron2.4-Customs/tree/main/InteriorStuff
  5. https://github.com/VoronDesign/VoronUsers/tree/master/printer_mods/bythorsthunder/MGN9_Backers

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