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Fixing Unifi AirPrint problems

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I recently upgraded my Unifi Dream Machine network by adding a couple of the new U6-LR Access Points. These add Wifi6 support and are powered by POE to keep things clean and simple.

The Wifi6 APs are working well, however We have been having problems getting AirPrint to work on my phone and iPad. I am not a router expert and have tried a lot of different solutions posted online. Nothing seemed to work for long until I came across a proposed solution in a thread on the Unifi Community Forum.

It needed some updating for the new UI so here it what it converts to:

  • Networks → Enable IGMP snooping
  • WiFi → Click on your SSID → Multicast Management Show Options
    • Enable Multicast enhancement
    • Disable Multicast and Broadcast Control
  • Profiles / Port and IP Groups / Create New Group
    • Profile Name: Airprint
    • Type: Port Group
    • Port - add each of the following:
      • 5353 (Apple AirPlay/Bonjour/AirPrint/Communications port - MAIN UDP AirPrint port)
      • 6002 (Apple AirPlay/Bonjour/AirPrint/Communications port)
      • 7000 (Apple AirPlay/Bonjour/AirPrint/Communications port)
      • 49152-65535 (A large grouping to cover what Sonos chaos can cause Bonjour to try other ports - most will not need this range)
    • Click Apply Changes
  • Firewall & Security → Firewall Rules → click "Create New Rule"
    • Name it
    • Rule Applied: choose After predefined rules
    • Action: Accept
    • IPv4 Protocol: All
    • Source
    • Source Type: Port/IP Group
      • IPv4 Address Group: Any
      • Port Group: select AirPrint or the name of the one you created above
      • MAC address: leave empty
    • Destination
      • Destination Type: Port/IP Group <!-- * Destination Type: Enable IP Address -->
      • IPv4 Address Group: Any <!-- * IPv4 Address: enter in the Wired or Wireless LAN of the printer on your network -->
    • Advanced: set to manual
      • IPsec: Don't match on IPsec packets
    • Click Apply Changes

I have tried removing some of these settings and it is still working, so I will continue to narrow down what the minimal setting change is. I suspect just setting port 5353 is enough. I am running tests...

Your mileage may vary. As I said before, I am not a network expert.

Good luck!

September 18, 2022 (2y ago)