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Cedar Garden Tote Plan

Cedar Garden Tote

My wife loves gardening and I love making her things, so this garden tote was a great quick project that gave me something to build and leave her with something she could use when gardening. It was made out of a couple of cedar fence pickets that I bought from Home Depot for $1.54 each.

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It was very simple to make and really only had three different sized pieces (plus the handle).


Materials needed for the Garden Tote:

Cut List:

  • 7  pieces 12½" long
  • 2 pieces 16½" long for the long sides
  • 2 pieces 13" long for the handles
  • 1 wooden dowel to fit (mine was 17¾")


  1. Cut all the pieces to length as described in the cut list. I rounded off one end of each of the two handle supports for aesthetics
  2. Screw the ends onto the long sides making sure you get them square
  3. Screw one bottom board onto either end of the box
  4. Spread the three remaining bottom pieces out evenly and screw in
  5. Attach the two 13″ tall handle side pieces and finally
  6. Measure the gap between the two handle sides and cut the dowel to fit. Then screw through the handle supports into the dowel

Project Type: Outdoor

Estimated Cost: $5 (at 2015 prices!)

Hopefully yours turns out as useful as mine has.


June 2, 2015 (9y ago)


#Outdoor Project