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Maple Dresser

Maple Dresser

I built this Maple Dresser 20 years ago from raw maple but only took these pictures recently. I bought some raw maple from someone at work that had them slabbed and stickered for a year so they were good and ready to start turning into something beautiful.

I designed the dresser myself on my laptop and then got to work prepping the raw wood. I jointed, planed, cut, glued and assembled everything according to the plans. Somewhere along the way I decided to fancy the sides up with a router. I put some detail on the side edges that I am particularly proud of.

Lambs tongue detail Lambs tongue detail

Then started the sanding, boy was there a lot of sanding. I took the top over to a furniture shop to run it through their massive drum sander to get it as level as possible. Then to get it as mirror smooth as it came out I went through multiple stages of wetting the surface and then sanding to 320 grit. Then wetting it again and sanding it some more increasing the grit until it came out looking amazing. After that I didn't want to cover it up with paint or a stain so I just used a simple clear coat to let the grain shine through.

Here are the plans I made.

Maple Dresser Plan Page 1 Maple Dresser Plan Page 2

You can download there here.

Good luck.

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November 15, 2021 (3y ago)